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Louisiana Pest

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The Louisiana pest
management Association (LPMA)

is a nonprofit, professional association dedicated to representing the pest management professionals across Louisiana

The Louisiana Pest Management Association (LPMA) is a nonprofit, professional association dedicated to representing the pest management professionals across Louisiana and providing the general public with the most up-to-date pest. management information.

Founded in 1919, LPMA works to educate pest professionals statewide and represent and promote the pest management industry. LPMA is comprised of more than 850 member companies representing more than 10,000 members.

LPMA exists to ensure its members receive the training and education needed to produce world-class pest professionals. We provide continuing education classes for the state’s pest management professionals and offers year-round technical and management education.

LPMA members are dedicated to using the latest pest control technology and methods. Our members research do not require chemicals and is the most effective way to remedy your pest.

what is LPMA?

A Leader in the Pest Control industry

The Louisiana Pest Management Association is the professional organization dedicated to serving the needs of all pest control operators in Louisiana. It was established more than fifty years ago to serve the needs of Pest Management Professionals (PMP’s); education and training, industry research projects, and government relations. More than a half-century later, LPMA is one of the largest pest control organizations in the United States, serving nearly 460 pest control companies and 35 allied manufacturing and “service oriented” members. Join the more than 90 percent of all PMP’s in Louisiana and be a member of LPMA.

LPMA Mission >>>

What Has LPMA Done?

  • Helped Insure PMP’s During the Insurance Crisis of the 1980’s:
  • Tired of widespread workers’ comp fraud and the lack of solutions to the problem, insurers of all businesses began leaving Louisiana in the 1980’s. This left many pest control businesses in a crisis as well.  Members and staff at LPMA helped form LIPCA, Inc., an insurance company by PMP’s for PMP’s.

  • LPMA Authors New WDIR Form, Leads to Major Drop in Inspection Lawsuits:
  • Inspections should be an opportunity to build your clientele, but for years it was a good way to get sued—until now! It took over three years but finally LPMA was able to protect inspectors by creating a new Wood Destroying Insect Report Form—one which doesn’t put words in our mouths. As a result, lawsuits against inspectors are down, way down!

  • Termite Research:
  • LPMA establishes a dedicated research foundation to determine the termiticide efficacy across Louisiana. The foundation collects money from the industry and then donates that amount to the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center to conduct solid research.

  • Commission Control in Good Hands:
  • LPMA helped pass a bill that keeps the Structural Pest Control Commission in the good hands of the Commissioner of Agriculture and ensures that the industry will maintain representation on that Commission.

  • LPMA Monitors the Biggest News in the Media:
  • More stories have been printed or aired about termites and other pests than at any time in history.  We work with reporters and news commentators to make sure that this information is not damaging to our industry

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